Megan Davis

The Messenger

A mind-racing literary thriller set in the heart of Paris.

The Messenger is the award-winning debut from Megan Davis.

The Messenger is a thriller in which an unreliable narrator finds himself stumbling through a hall of distorted mirrors that reflect back at him lies, secrets and tantalising glimpses of what might in fact be the truth. All of these conflicting impressions are refracted through the narrator’s latent paranoia and emotional vulnerability as he tries to prove his innocence of the crime of killing his father. The drama is set in Paris and is played out against a backdrop of corruption, fake news, civil unrest and old rivalries.

The Messenger is a richly atmospheric, twisting, conspiracy-soaked story and has drawn comparisons to both Catcher in the Rye and the hit Netflix series Lupin.

An intelligent, gripping and stylish literary thriller— I couldn’t put it down. Megan Davis is a major new talent.


Internationally bestselling author of Agatha Christie crime fiction and Lucy Cavendish Prize judge

A conspiracy thriller with strong Catcher In The Rye vibes, The Messenger is so evocatively written it transported me to Paris and tore up my return ticket. A strong, twisting, literary journey of revelation and redemption. Five stars


Bestselling author of The Appeal, The Twyford Code and The Mysterious Case of the Alperton Angels

A sharply written, clever and classy thrill-ride through the streets of Paris. Atmospheric and twisting, The Messenger is a wonderful debut


Bestselling author of We Begin at the End

When the novel … [gets] to the conspiracy part, it’s gripping.  I want to know what, if anything, was the connection between the two men’s deaths, and who is watching Alex and why – that final scene of the garbage strewn apartment is wonderfully done. When the excerpt ended I was sorry not to have the rest of the novel to read.


author of the Booker Prize nominated Home Fire and Bridport Prize judge

I had the absolute pleasure of reading The Messenger, and I can’t stop thinking about it. Megan Davis’s electric, suspenseful and stunning evocation of contemporary Paris is unforgettable. I was deeply moved by this young man’s struggle to absolve himself from murder, regain a sense of belonging in a fractured world, and to finally understand the meaning of family. I hope that Davis’s literary career is one I can follow for many years to come – my only frustration is that I will have to wait to force The Messenger into the hands of everyone I know!


author of the international bestseller The Doll Factory

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